T-Bone's Tropical Adventure

(The perfect show to encourage reading during "Literacy Month")


Art Form

Topic, Rational & Description

The topic of this assembly program is how opening a book can open your imagination and take you on an incredible journey. That special book can paint a masterpiece in your mind, introduce you to new ideas and maybe even change your life! When T-Bone was young he read books like "Treasure Island", "Mutiny on the Bounty", "Moby Dick", and "Swiss Family Robinson". They sparked an interest in the South Seas and it's people, music and culture. As an adult T-Bone traveled to the Tahitian islands. He learned to play the ukulele, scuba dive and even sail. Wow, all this from reading a book!

In this assembly program T-Bone will whisk away his audience on a fun-filled tropical adventure through the use of songs, stories, instruments, games and visual aids. This show is heavy on participation so the students learn the subject material through hands on experience! This program is great to tie in with a reading, social studies, geography or music lesson in the classroom curriculum. This is whole language at it's best!


Students will take an active role in the assembly program. They will see how reading changed one man's life. They then will be challenged to open a good book and go on their own special journey!

Target Audience

For students of grades K-5

Logistical Factors
*Limit to 250 students
*45 minute program
*Artist brings sound system, lights and props
*An informal setting such as a gym or outdoors.